Cjager.com (sole proprietorship) is the name of the company founded by Chris Jager. I’m passionate about everything related to frontend. I’m very happy that the clientside has become much more interesting the last couple of years. We might even talk about something called a frontend architecture. Further more, frontend plays a central role between UX, visualizing business needs, and everything stashed behind a server. This makes up the colourful world of frontend in my opinion.

During my work I stumble often on challenges (and solutions) worth sharing. Hence, the whole purpose of having this blog. Cjager.com is a blog about everything Freelance, Frontend, Architecture, UX and Agile. Thinking about design patterns, best practices, code snippets and proof of concepts. And most of all, sharing all lessons learned with the rest of the world. Potentially.

Please feel free to contact me for advice, suggestions, comments or assignments.